At Cloud 10 we have years of experience working for a broad spectrum of clients. The sectors below form a mere snapshot of the project work that we have completed. Please feel free to use the contact form or email us on if you wish to discuss a specific project.



The mainstay of our work is provided by the Architectural sector. At Cloud 10 we produce dimensionally accurate plans and models to facilitate development schemes. 


We can provide both 2D AutoCAD plans of elevations, floor plans and sections, and also 3D topographical survey drawings.


More commonly now we produce 3D AutoCAD and Revit models, typically directly from 3D laser scan data. 




At Cloud 10 we are increasingly contacted by clients within the engineering sector to produce both 2D and 3D AutoCAD deliverables. The nature of point cloud data means that rapid data capture can now be achieved without compromising on the quantity. 


Of recent we have worked on the production of a full 3D solid model of the Forth Road Bridge, this was modelled from 3D laser scan data.


We can work with data that has already been collected, or we can capture a 3D point cloud for your project.



3D Laser scanning techniques are ideally suited to the data capture for historic buildings. Modern highly accurate laser scanners can capture complex building structures quickly and in a non-invasive way.


The data can be worked into final deliverables such as AutoCAD plans and models, however many choose to use 3D laser scanning as a means of historically archiving their site. Deliverables can be created at a later stage as and when required. We can produce animations and visualisations of the scan data captured also.

Plant Process


Oil and Gas Process Plants are some of the most complex structures in existence. The technique of 3D laser scanning them facilitates the rapid acquisition of highly accurate data.


From the data set we are able to produce a 3D model to the level of detail required for your project. This could simply be the centrelines of the pipework however it could as easily be a full detailed model of every rivet if required.


We work primarily within Leica Cyclone and can produce your model to standard pipe and steel work specifications if required.



3D laser scanning can significantly aid the production of highly accurate models of a marine vessels. 


Many vessels have a limited time where they are out of the water in dry dock, the technique of laser scanning is rapid and unobtrusive, we can also assist with scanning whilst the vessel is in the water.


Models and Meshes can be created from the scan data and used to determine As Built, Race Optimisation, Refits and collision repairs.

VFX for Film & Television


Using 3D Laser scanning enables Cloud 10 to quickly and accurately capture sets, street scenes.


The data captured will be registered, cleaned and mesh accordingly. 


Other deliverables can be created to suit your project brief.