At Cloud 10 we can work with you to deliver specific deliverables tailored to your projects. This could simply be to capture the site data, or it may be the creation of a full Revit model. Please feel free to use the contact form or email us on if you wish to discuss a specific project.

Data Capture


At Cloud 10 we use industry leading data capture tools to undertake 3D Laser scanning data capture services. 


Using the best quality tools mean that we capture for you the best quality data in the best possible timeframe. 


We have always trusted Leica Geosystems ScanStation range and use their P40 Scanstation.

Point Cloud Services


At Cloud 10 we not only capture our own data but we will work with your pre-captured data. 


Whether you are new to the 3D laser scanning market and simply wish to have assistance whilst your skill set is developing or whether you are a long standing user with a surplus of data to process, then Cloud 10 can assist you.


We can work with data that has already been pre-registered in any format or we can take your raw scan files straight from the scanner.

2D & 3D AutoCAD Deliverables


At Cloud 10 we can produce for you both 2D AutoCAD Drawings; either from point cloud data or from traditional measured survey techniques. We can also produce 3D Wireframe or Solid AutoCAD models depending on your project requirements.


We are just as happy to work with data we capture for you or pre-captured data.

Rights to Light Models


Many restrictions are now in place when designing new structures; developers need to ensure that they both meet the requirements of the planners by producing a property that is well lit from an environmental and sustainability perspective, they also must ensure that they do not impact on any adjacent properties light levels.


Cloud 10 have worked closely with major practitioners in this field and can produce 3D solid models, ready for analysis.

Revit Models - BIM ready


The UK Government have mandated that all public sector projects are 'BIM Level 2 compliant' by 2016. The practice now is not limited to just the public sector; clients see the benefits of a collaborative work process and the resultant savings in both cost and time.


The foundations to any model are underpinned by good quality, accurate survey data, and a BIM-ready model is no exception. At Cloud 10 we can produce a highly accurate Revit model, ready for 'Intelligent' data to be added.



Clients often wish to have deliverables from the survey data as soon as possible post the completion of data capture. We can use many techniques to enable visualisation  quickly. 


At Cloud 10 we can produce images of the scan data and of the 2D drawing or 3D Models. We can also produce animations or fly throughs again of the scan data and the CAD deliverables. 


We can also produce TruView files to enable you and your clients to view and take measurement information from the scan data collected.